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The Web Ninjas Digital Marketing Academy

Hey there, Shinobis and Kunoichis, we are excited to help you learn the fundamentals of digital marketing to unlock your ninja skills!Β 

What’s more? From Genin digital marketing basics, we want to bring your ninja skills to fruition by helping you become a Kage in your area of expertise. Become the next Hattori Hanzo in your organization.

Structured Ninja Dojo for Each Level

  • Genin (Beginner)
  • Chuunin (Intermediate)
  • Jounin (Advanced)
  • Kage (Expert)

Social Media Marketing Course

This course covers genin to kage social media management, social media content calendar creation, social media ad copywriting, social media graphics creation, social media ads management, and social media report creation

SEO Training Courses

This course covers genin to kage seo techniques. We will cover On Page (Technical SEO, Off Page (Backlink Building), website audit creation, local citation creation, keyword research, and backlink cleanup seo classes. We will also discuss helpful SEO tools to succeed in each learning stage

Web Developer Courses

Our web developer courses cover genin to kage HTML, PHP, Javascript, CSS, front-end, backend, Cpanel (hosting) setting, CMS setup, LMS, React, Vue JS, and woo-commerce (e-commerce) online web dev training.

Creatives and Logo Design Training

We have specifically designed this training to bring out your suiton and doton technique in branding, logo conceptualization and design study, and creative graphics. This covers training in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere (Basic Video Editing), and other related tools

Content Writing Course

Similar to graphics, our content writing training outline is created to mix your suiton and doton techniques in SEO web copywriting, blog copywriting, ad copywriting, video content copywriting, social media content copywriting and creative copywriting.

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β€” How it all began

The History

Looking back, we used to be a Genin like you. Time and experience shaped our web ninja skills. We utilized every second to apply the following disciplines in our areas of expertise:

Katon (Fire Technique)

Passion is what makes us want to improve every day. We used this intensity to channel every idea and bring them into a tangible output. One at a time, we unlocked our web ninja goals with SMART actions.

Suiton (Water Technique)

We price the use of our imagination in the creation of every training material. Digital Marketing demands the use of both the right and left brain functions. We encourage you to apply what you learned and explore new ideas just like what we are doing.

Mokuton (Plant technique)

We celebrate growth with even the littlest milestone. We are never afraid to admit that we started just like you. Together, we will keep growing by capitalizing our natural and acquired skills

Doton (Earth technique)

Groundedness is what keeps us in the loop for digital marketing trends. Our left brain functions taught us to interpret data, set SMART goals, and be in touch with reality.

What our former Shinobis Say

Let’s hear some of our ninja success stories.

Loewen Magdato - WordPress Web Development

If you’re the one who is seeking a highly paid skill, this is the right place mga ka-kemberlo! Very skilled coaches and in-depth ang mga tinuturo. Yung tipong after the class, you will feel confident to do it on your own! Plus pwede ka pa mag tanong insights after training and they will guide you to become successful. Forget the cheap courses you see out there because this is worth it!


Adie Rosanes - WordPress Web Development

I never though na matututo ako gumawa ng website! This is so true. I used to think that creating a website are for those people na nakagraduate lang ng IT related courses…. Wrong thinking! With Web Ninjas Academy, their primary concern is to help those people na kagaya ko – hindi tech savvy, intimidated by technology but with a heart to learn. On the 4th day right now on WordPress course and it really helps me to have a paradigm shift.. kaya ko pala mag create ng website on my own without paying that much to hire a web developer. ako na lang gagawa! Will definitely enroll to their other courses offered. Starting to love Digital Marketing. BEST VALUE FOR MONEY! Kudos to Coach Allen and for the entire Web Ninjas Academy team!


Alvin Yuritch Dura - WordPress Web Development

If your looking for a skill to add to your belt this is the best site for your learning journey. From in-demand skills to affordable courses and approachable coaches. What are you waiting for? Avail their online courses now at baka maging classmate pa kita sa pang 3rd-course ko.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


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